Friday, February 1, 2013

Launching Barrington's Bespoke Brides

Our website is currently under construction, but we are very excited to announce we are revising our packages for a brighter 2013 wedding season! We have put lots of love into the new design of our packages. We already pride ourselves in "weddings as unique as you are" but we've taken it one step further. Barrington's bespoke brides will experience weddings custom designed, just for them. A big part of it is the allure of decor! We're gearing up this season with some new furniture and decor pieces that would bring a style.aficionado to tears. From antique sofas to vintage ironing boards, we've got you covered. Stay tuned for exciting updates & enjoy the sneak peak of the new additions.


  1. Thanks Rachel! it makes a really great centerpiece for a vintage lounge area :)

  2. It seems too much and beautiful! I was also searching for this kind of beautiful venue and got corporate event venues in miami for the professional discussions.