Monday, August 20, 2012

Lets Spin The Color Wheel!

Color Scheme : The most important component of any flower arrangement.
Using the basic principles of color theory along with the hidden meanings and distinctive fragrance is a sure way to make a winning bouquet.
Blue : A universal favorite color of Women and Men.
The color of the sky, and ocean, Blue is perceived as a constant in our lives. Calming, Committed, 
& trustworthy
Something Blue anyone? 
                                     Green : Nature, Fertility, Life.  Green is known for symbolizing balance, self respect, and protection from fears. Grass Green is the most "restful" shade. 
Green is a safe color that works with most settings and venues. Especially Barrington Hill :)
Yellow:  A shining symbol of optimism, happiness and friendship. 
Golden Yellow is said to promise a positive future.
                  Orange : Radiates warmth and energy. Our closest shade to the color of the sun.
Peach, Terracotta, and Rust are also very appealing.
                        Red: The color of passion, love, desire. Red will command all attention to the particular
decorative element. Red is an emotionally intense color, and makes a statement where ever applied.
Pink: My favorite. Youthful, exciting, lighthearted. 
Often described as the color of happiness. Vibrant pinks have high energy like red shades, and are sure to be show stoppers too.
White :  Purity, neutrality, cleanliness. 
White indicates a fresh start, simplicity, and innocence.
Purple : Stimulation of Red paired with the calmness of Blue. 
Purple is favored by those with a creative eye, with mystical and royal connotations.

You can also add a floral pop by surrounding your vows with scent filled blooms.
Enjoy spinning the color wheel!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Congratulations to Jessica & Chris!

Congratulations to Jessica and Chris, who are saying "I do" under the oaks. December 7th, 2012
We're gettin close!

Photography by Gretchen Hove Photography